Computer Games

After working for Com/Track (commercial music production, radio and TV) for nearly ten years, I made the switch to creating soundscapes and music for computer games. After a stint with Viacom New Media (the gaming division of Viacom/MTV/ Paramount) I relocated to the bay area to take a position with the legendary Atari Games as a composer and sound designer

Among the many game titles I have worked on, my favorites are Midway’s Dr. Muto and Atari Games San Francisco Rush 2049 series of racing games. My work has also appeared in game titles developed by Z-Axis, Activision, and NCSoft.

I am currently employed at Cryptic Studios working on a massively multiplayer online game based on the Champions Sci-Fi Superhero franchise, Champions Online. I also consult with technology companies and have done interface sound design for Palm PDAs, cellphones, and Intel multimedia applications.


I ran across these in the audio department archives just before the legendary Atari Games was shut down.

Audio from radio ads for the original ASTEROIDS coin-op!!


P.S. More fun stuff below...

P.S.S. Check out the STO trailer to hear me playing horn on the theme.

Classic Atari Commercials